Airlines have become the most popular mode of transportation as it takes very little time in traveling. Moreover, the airlines give a lot of amenities and facilities to the passengers based on their rules and the policies. Despite onboard facilities, the airlines also provide the various offers, discounts, and priorities in the travel to the passengers. There are a number of airlines in the United States which offer excellent in-flight services. A United Kingdom-based consultancy organizes an award ceremony for the airlines. In this ceremony, the best airlines are awarded. Every time, the United States remains the home for the best airlines in the world. Here are the five best airlines in the United States. 

Alaska is a major American airline that is headquartered in airlines sea tac. This airline is considered the fifth largest airline in the United States.  This airline has a large domestic as well as international route. Along with the passenger carrier, this airline is a cargo carrier airline. This airline carries the most extensive air cargo operations. This airline carries several Alaskan goods such as fresh Alaskan seafood, postal service mails and some other goods from the remote destination. Moreover, this airline is also popular for its frequent flyer programs in which they give free miles or some other amenities to the passengers traveling with Alaska Airlines. 

  • Jet blue airlines

Jetblue is the sixth-largest low carrier airline. This airline was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in New york. This airline is famous for providing more amenities to passengers at a low cost. The important facts about JetBlue that the passengers must know. This airline offers more facilities as compared to domestic airlines that include complimentary snacks and drinks, onboard entertainment in domestic flights where the passenger can access more than 100 channels. 

Another fact about this airline is that this airline offers extra legroom in each cabin as compared to the other airlines, where the passenger can sit comfortably. The premium and first-class of Jet Blue airlines offer soft and comfortable seats with a door for extra privacy. The charges for premium and first-class are as low as they are affordable by one and all. In addition to this, there is a frequent flyer program known as true blue frequent flyer program, that gives you some points for your next journey.

The united airlines are the third largest airline in the world that was founded in the nineteenth century in the year of 1926. This airline serves almost 342 destinations all around the globe. This airline provides a golden opportunity for passengers who always planned to save money whenever they are traveling. This airline started a reward program under which the passengers can save money from their travel. This program is only for the frequent flyer passengers of the airlines.  In this process, the passenger can earn miles by using an explorer credit card. Moreover, passengers can also earn miles from partner airlines if you are traveling with that airline, other than United airlines. 

  •  Delta airlines

Delta Airlines is the major airline of the American airline industry that was established in 1929 and serves a number of domestic as well as international destinations. It is the second-largest airline in terms of passenger carrier. This airline serves almost 5400 flights a day and the flights of this airline fly to almost 52 countries. Delta airlines have different cabin facilities that really give amazing opportunities to the passengers traveling any of the cabins. The top-class cabin of Delta airline is Delta one, that is generally for the passengers traveling to long international destinations. This cabin provides in-demand cabin facilities that no other airline in the world provides. The in-demand facilities include power ports, folding working tables, premium bedding and sky club access for the passengers before departure if you are traveling with Delta airlines Delta one cabin.

In addition to this, if you are traveling in a premium select cabin of the Delta airline that was introduced in 2016, you will surely have a comfortable journey with extra legroom, a comfortable seat with recliner. This airline has the largest fleet of WIFI equipped aircraft in the world. Despite this, the airline also offers different reward programs for passengers such as sky miles, sky club, and sky bonus and also some offers that the passenger gets at the time of booking. 

  • Virgin America airline

Virgin America airline was the famous low-cost airline of the United States from 2007 to  2018. This airline used to offer so many amenities to the passengers to travel with cheap flights. The airline flights flew from the west coast and major metropolitan areas of America. This airline provided high-quality services to passengers traveling with low fares. Virgin America began its operations in 2007 and was based in the United Kingdom but it was merged with Alaska Airlines in 2018. There are a total number of 30 destinations where Virgin America Airlines flew. The Virgin airlines had codeshare with almost five airlines that are Alaska Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic, and Hawaii airlines.  

This airline offered dual-class services on all of its aircraft. Moreover, this airline used to give all inflight entertainment and mood light systems to the passengers traveling with this airline even traveling to domestic destinations. Also, the airline offered shopping and positioning maps to passengers. 

These are the major popular airlines of the United States which provide luxury and comfortable amenities to passengers traveling with any of the airlines of the United States. The passengers must try to travel with any one of these airlines if traveling to any destinations around the globe. The passengers must check out the discount given by the airlines at the time of booking by visiting the official websites of the airline. Book your tickets with these major airlines and enjoy your journey that will be worthy and hassle-free. 


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