Delta Air Lines is considered as one of the major Airlines of the United States. This Airline operates 5400 flights a day so that makes it a very huge airline. Delta Airlines flights cover around 325 destinations in 52 countries of the globe. This Airline is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Delta Air line has nine hubs and it is regarded as the second largest Airline in the world.

Delta provides a lot of comforts and amenities to its passengers to make the journey of the passengers comfortable and pleasant. So do your Delta Airlines reservations now to feel and enjoy the amazing service that this airline has to offer.

Types of cabin facilities in Delta:-

Delta Air lines offer six types of cabins to their passengers. These cabins are Delta one, Delta Premium select, first-class, comfort+, main cabin and basic economy. Below is the information for all the cabins:-

  • Delta one: This cabin is one of Delta’s airlines Premier business classes cabin that is available for long international destinations. This cabin offers you a lie-flat sitting feature. All the seats provided to the passenger in this cabin have in-demand flight entertainment, power ports, folding working table, premium bedding, and a pre-flight sky club access. 
  • Premium Select: This Premium select was introduced to Delta airlines in 2016. This cabin facility provides extra legroom, adjustable leg rests, extra seating comfort and recliner. The cabin was introduced to the new Airbus A350 at first. 
  • First-class: The Delta first-class cabin is mainly for domestic flights and low distance international flights. The seats on this cabin are wide in dimensions and the airline offers a variety of drinks, snacks and full meals services in the First class cabin. Certain aircraft there is a facility of power ports and free entertainment products. Moreover, the passengers with first-class delta airlines reservations are eligible for priority boarding. 
  • Delta comfort+: The delta comfort+ seats are installed on all the aircraft of this Airline. These seats offer 50 percent more recliners as compared to main cabins seats. The additional amenities provided in Delta comfort+ are over headed space, sky priority boarding, complimentary premium snacks, and free headsets. 
  • Main cabin: The cabins of economy class with Delta flight booking offers seats with forward-moving and back tilting when reclining. The passengers in this cabin receive snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. Complimentary meals are provided on long international flights as well as on selected domestic flights. 
  • Basic Economy: Delta Airlines also offers a basic economy class that is a basic version of the main cabin. This class of Delta flights are of low prices and are served with fewer flexibility options. The fewer flexibility options include no ticket exchanges, no paid or complimentary upgrades. Moreover, the seats of the basic economy class are assigned at the check-in desk. 

Onboard Wi-Fi and in-flight entertainment in delta airlines flights

Delta Airlines contains the largest fleet of Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft in the world. Initially, the Delta airline introduced the Wi-Fi services on international flights in the year of 2014. Delta Airlines announced that they will offer free Wi-Fi on all flights. 

Moreover, this airline also offers in-flight entertainment to the passengers traveling in any of the classes except the basic economy class. Passenger can now enjoy movies and can also play songs or moreover they can connect their own device like mobile phones to the entertainment device.

Reward programs in Delta Air lines Flights

The different reward programs of Delta airlines include sky miles, Delta sky club, and sky bonus. These reward programs provide special offers to passengers traveling with Delta bookings. 

The sky mile program is a frequent flyer program for Delta airlines that gives to certain traveling miles for free. 

Delta sky club passengers can enjoy free access to the lounges on various locations. The features provided by the lounges generally vary by location but mainly include drinks, snacks, and free Wi-Fi.

The Sky bonus program was launched for businesses that spend between 5000 dollars to 500,000 dollars on air travel in a year. These businesses earn points toward free travel.

All in all, Delta airlines flights provide you all the amenities for your comfort and make your traveling joyful and give you a better experience than other airlines. So do the Delta reservations and feel the live experience.


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