Corona virus had a significant impact on the aviation industry all around the globe. This pandemic has grounded a number of aircraft for a long time and the passengers had to cancel their travelling plans. But there is no need to worry about travel as the Delta airlines are going to start its international flights to around 40 destinations. Just make your reservations on and book Delta Airline tickets to the below-mentioned destinations to enjoy a joyful and a hassle-free trip. 

Also, passengers need not worry about the safety and security of the travel as the airline assure a safe trip to the passengers. The airline is taking a lot of steps to secure the travel of the passengers. 

  • The Delta airlines are following all the rules and guidelines issued by the government related to the security of the passengers. 
  • Also, they are taking advice from World Health Organizations to get protected from this Corona pandemic.
  • Delta airlines are training their staff to meet the standards of cleanliness.
  • They are sanitizing their aircraft after every landing for the safety of passengers.
  • The passengers are taken under thermal screenings on the airports for making your travel safe.

After issuing several guidelines, the Delta airlines has made a decision to start their flights to international destinations in the month of June. The airline is going to start their flights to Canada, different destinations of Latin America and the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, and trans – Atlantic and transpacific. 
Passengers can make their plans by consulting about the scheduling of the Delta airline flights. For safety purposes, the passengers have to wear a mask for face-covering throughout the journey. There is a new standard for in flight services and new cleaning standards. Apart from this, the airline is much more concerned about the social distance that they are ensuring capping seating between 50 and 60 percent to make the travel more secure. Make your reservation with Delta airlines and enjoy your travel.


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