After starting from Wuhan, the Covid19 has almost crossed all the borders and arrived in almost 200 countries. It has affected almost all industries including the aviation industries. The airline industry is taking several steps for the security of passengers who are traveling with different airlines. The different measures taken by airlines are as follows:

Measures were taken on board 

The airlines regularly use disinfectants and well sanitizers for cleaning the seats, galleys, and the washrooms of all the cabins. Also, some airlines like Cathay pacific airline, have suspended the trolley services for their first class as well as business class passengers. Also, some airlines are not providing duty-free services or the sales of blankets, hot towels, etc.

At the airport

Some of the airlines have closed their lounges at the airport for the safety and security of the passengers. The passengers can find hand sanitizers on different places including check-in counters, security check-ins, and boarding gates. 

Food and beverage

The airlines are taking several steps to minimize the contact of passengers with the crew members. The food items are kept in galleys instead of serving the food with the trolley to every passenger. Ice creams are replaced by certain preset desserts. Also, the pre-cut fruits are replaced by giving whole fruit to the passengers.  The crew members wear gloves while serving drinks and food. Also, the crew member encourages the passengers to wash their hands again and again. 

Cabin service

The aviation industry is trying to minimize the contact of the crew with passengers for the security of the passengers. It is mandatory to wear a mask by the crew member for safety purposes. The tray tables and windows are sanitized and the carpets are vacuumed. The passengers are advised to inform about symptoms such as cough or fever. 

The above mentioned precautions are taken by the airlines to secure the passengers. Don’t worry about flying because airlines are taking precautions. For booking cheap flight tickets, just sign up with to get affordable airfares. For any queries just dial the helpline number given at the top of the website. Also, you can drop a message or email for better assistance.


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