Ohio is a state that is located in the east north region of the United States. It is the seventh most popular and moreover the 10th denser city of the United States. This city is bordered by Lake Erie and the city took its name from Ohio River. It is a beautiful city that is often overlooked. People all over the world are unaware of this city, that is why this city offers very little tourism. But there are several places to visit in the city. One can easily reach the city by booking low-cost Delta airlines tickets. Just travel to the United States by adding Ohio City to your itinerary and make your American travel a worthy trip. 

Make a plan to visit the following places that are quite popular in Ohio:

  • Lake Erie islands

The Lake Erie Islands is a cluster of several islands that includes Kelley’s, Pelee Island and Bass Island. These islands are popular tourist attractions. There are small airports and numerous private marinas that provide convenience to visitors to visit these islands. These islands are so famous that they are financially supporting the city via tourism. 

  • Holmes county

It is a county located in Ohio. This county was formed in 1824 by the portions of some other counties named Coshocton, Tuscarora was and Wayne. This county is filled with beautiful hills and the green valleys all around. This county offers a lot of homemade sweet jams and local cheese and handcrafted carpentry that give significance to the Amish culture. This county is a stunning place that must be included in your trip itinerary while you visit the United States. 

  • Cuyahoga valley national park

Cuyahoga Valley Park presents along the Cuyahoga River. This park was established in the year 2000 and the location of this park is between two cities Cleveland and Akron. The park is an attractive tourist place. You can say that the Cuyahoga River is the main attraction of this park. The park is so huge that there are 70 waterfalls that can be spotted in its area of 200 miles. Moreover, it also offers trains for its visit. It is possible to visit the park in a short amount of time on the train and if you are a tourist then you can visit this park by doing the Delta Airlines booking and enjoy the beauty of it.

  • Columbus

Columbus is the state capital of Ohio. This city is a famous destination and one of the biggest attractions in the United States. This city has an incredible modern structure. Columbus city is an intersection of several regional areas like Rustbelt, Bible belt and several others. Ohio University is also present in this city which gives a chance to the students from all over the world to continue their education and also to explore much about Ohio as well as the United States. 

There are certain more other places in Ohio to visit for weekends as well as for the long vacations. Book your tickets to Ohio with Delta airlines flights that provide you the best deals on flights travels. So grab the golden opportunity and don’t think much about booking your tour with Delta airlines flight reservations. 


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