Delta Airlines is one of the phenomenal airlines in the United States. It not only focused on making a remarkable status by providing the top-notch services, on-time flights, customer satisfaction and most importantly it is dedicated to making the life of travelers easy by giving out great discounts and offers on flight ticket bookings. If you are planning for a trip in the near future then you must know that Delta Airlines reservations are giving the best deals and discounts on airfares. If you are a regular flyer and you need to take flights every now and then, then Delta’s frequent flyer program is best for you. Delta SkyMiles Plan is designed specifically for regular Delta passengers. This program aims at providing amazing offers to passengers who like to travel with Delta on a regular basis. So how this plan works?

How SkyMiles Plan Works?

With Skymiles you would be able to earn some extra miles every time you make Delta airlines bookings. With every dollar you spend on the flight ticket you will be given an extra mile point. These points upon collecting up to a level will start presenting you with various discounts and offer for your next flight. So if you are a regular traveler with Delta Airlines all you need to do is to enroll for SkyMiles Program and then you will start getting the amazing benefits.

How to redeem SkyMiles Points

Well if you have extra mile points saved in your account you can use them to get discounts on your next ticket or you can also get free seat upgrade and much more. Follow the instructions below to use your SkyMiles Points

  1. If you are making the booking online, mention your SkyMiles number over there.
  2. On every dollar, you can win 5 miles on your Delta Flight booking.
  3. All the regular passengers who have gained Medallion Status, then you will get 11 miles on every dollar you spent on Delta flight ticket booking.
  4. Just a thing you should know is that the miles that the passenger will earn will be added to the name whose SkyMiles number will be listed on the ticket.

How to Earn SkyMiles Points

Delta does not only give out these points on the booking of flight, but there are also other ways too by which you can earn these miles. There are Delta Partner services that you can take to get the extra mile points. Below are the other methods and services that will let you earn more SkyMiles Points:

  1. Lyft Ride

You can earn 1 mile per dollar of you take the Lyft ride. So if you are moving to a place you can book your Lyft ride and with all that you will be paying for that ride, you will be getting extra Mile point. It will make getting around the city easy and also it will help you get amazing discounts on your next trip.

  1. Airbnb

Now on the booking of Airbnb, you can also able to earn extra miles for yourself. There are more than 4 million Airbnb homes that will let you win the extra miles for your trips. 

  1. Hotel Bookings

If you are going to book the hotels, book them with Skky Miles Hotel partners which include Marriott, Westin, Sheraton and many more. So if you are making hotel booking anyway why not do it with SkyMiles so that you can also get some mile points.

  1. Car Rental

Whenever you visit a new place you opt to take taxis and cabs to get around, with SkyMiles you can book and save with amazing deals and offers.

  1. Shopping

You heard it right! Now you can easily win SkyMiles points while you are doing shopping. Now you can shop from Apple, Macy’s, Nike and more and get to earn more mile-points. 

  1. Dinning

If you are dining outside and also getting to earn extra mile points that you can save for getting offers and discounts, isn’t that amazing? 

For more and in-depth knowledge on ‘How you can earn SkyMiles Points,’ you are free to contact Delta Airlines reservations, the agents will help you understand the complete SkyMile policy and they will clear all your queries as well.

You can not only win the SkyMiles points but you can also use your SkyMiles to get all these services. You can book your hotels, rides and have an amazing dinner using these points and get discounts. 

Ways to Use Delta SkyMiles

If you are willing to take more benefits from your Delta SkyMiles programs, then you can upgrade your plans to Delts SkyClub. The members will be rewarded with seat upgrades, lounge facilities, check-in facilities and much more.

  • Enhance your Traveling Experience

Gets the better travel experience using miles, you can upgrade seats, cabins and, in-flight services.

  • Book Your Vacation

Go another extra destination. With these miles, you can get deals on your next trip or vacation using Delta Vacation packages

  • Buy VIP Passes to concerts

You can also win some amazing passes to various shows and concerts.

  • Delta Gift Card

You can also gift your miles to someone. Using Delta Gift Cards you can actually give your miles to someone. 

There are many other ways through which you can redeem these SkyMiles points and get benefit from the deals and discounts from Delta Airlines. You can also get a brief knowledge of these miles from Delta Airlines reservations agents who will assist you and help you understand the whole process and policies.


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