British Airways is the largest airline of the United Kingdom that serves several destinations around the globe and provides the best amenities to their passengers. The airlines are not only aware of the amenities but also what is happening currently around the world. They are also taking important steps for the safety of the passengers who have made British airways reservations. They are working very close to the foreign and commonwealth office. The airways are doing everything for the passengers who are affected by the changes in the current situation of coronavirus. Some important steps taken are as follows:

  • Keeping up to date

The British airways advise the passengers to keep the travelling details up to the date so that the airlines should know if there are any changes that need to be made with your airlines. The options for managing my booking details should be updated so that the airline should know your itinerary and allow you to do the changes. 

  • Greater travel flexibility

The British airways have given greater flexibility in the travelling plans to the passengers if any flight is cancelled due to coronavirus. The passengers are allowed to change flight and also they are free to rebook their tickets till the date of 365 days. 

  • Enhance aircraft cleaning

The airline is also taking steps to clean the aircraft for the safety of the passengers. The airline is teaching their staff the cleaning process and also they are increasing their cleaning teams. British airways are also using disinfectants cleaning fluids on their aircraft. In addition to this, the British airways aircraft are fitted with HEPA that helps to remove the bacterial attacks. With the help of this technology, they are providing clean air to the passengers.

  • Travel restrictions imposed by British airways

The British Airways flights have also imposed travel restrictions just like other airlines due to the coronavirus. They are providing travel advisories to the passengers before the British airways fly, moreover, they are also cancelling their flight if needed. 

For any queries, just dial British airways reservations number, they will assist you with better information.


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