Flight delay is the most frustrating word when the passengers reach the airport and are ready to enjoy the travel. No doubt there are some circumstances like the weather problem or some other reasons due to which flights get delayed, but there are some tips that will surely help the passengers in these woes. Basically there are two types of reasons for the flight delay. These reasons are as follows:

  • The first kind of reasons is related to the control of the carrier. For instance, aircraft turnarounds between the flights, punctuality of the passengers that includes waiting for the passengers whose baggage is already loaded, some technical issues and the performance of the crew members. 
  • Another kind of factors that are responsible for the flight delay is the factors that are not in the control of airlines. These reasons include the bad condition of the weather, security and some conditions of the airport. Moreover, the flight also gets delayed if there is any collision between the aircraft and the airborne animals. This event is known as bird strike or bird hits.

In this blog, we will discuss some important tips that the passengers must keep in mind so that the passengers do not have to worry about their flights if their flights are delayed. These tips are explained below:

  • Choose non-stop or direct flight

The very important thing that one must know is to try to book direct flights or non-stop flights if there are winters. The passengers must avoid connecting flights because if your first flight is delayed then there are the chances that the passengers may miss the next flight. Another way to avoid the worries is that the passengers try to take the flights in the morning, in case the flight is delayed or cancelled, the passengers will have so many options for the next flights if they want to travel on the same day. 

  • Keep the track of the weather

Weather is an important factor that is responsible for the flight delay. Most of the flights are delayed due to bad weather conditions. The passengers must check out the weather conditions about their departures and arrival destination a couple of days before the travelling. This will allow passengers to make appropriate travel plans. By doing this, the passenger will not be hit by any woes at bay and any hitting by the storms. Keeping the track of weather helps the passengers to travel at the appropriate time. 

  • Make your hotel reservations in advance

The passengers are suggested to make their reservation in advance to counter your delays. By booking the hotels in advance can help the passengers to make an option for the stay in case of any possible delay. Accommodation can be a challenging fact if the passengers come to know about the delay at the airport. The passengers can go for the cancellation of hotels if not required. So it is the best option to handle the delays in the travels. 

  • Keep an eye on airline and airport status on social media

It is important to keep an eye on the status of the airport from which you are travelling and also on the airline on which you are travelling. Be updated with the social media about the airlines and the airports. Keep checking their performances that will surely help you to find out to select the best airline for travel. 

  • Provide an accessible number

It is necessary to help the airline from the passenger end also. The passenger must provide the correct information about their contact. This is for the circumstances and the airline wants to contact you. For that situation be sure that you have provided the number that is accessible for the airline to inform you for any delays in the travel. This will help the passenger and save the passenger from unwanted frustration of reaching the airport early. So giving is an accessible contact is also an important fact to make the delay and air travel stress-free. 

  • Cover your trip with right travel agents

There are so many chances of delay if the passenger is travelling in winter.  Winter travelling can face so many delays. So it is necessary to pick accurate travel insurance as well as appropriate travelling agents to avoid woes in your travel. This surely helps the passenger to avoid unwanted expenses on hotels, meals and other kinds of stuff in case the flight of the passenger is delayed or cancelled. The passenger should think properly and take advice from others before choosing their travel insurance policies as well as the agents from whom the passenger is going to make the reservation. 

Track your flight to know why it is delayed?

The passengers need not worry about the delays of the flights as they have a lot of tools that can help the passengers to track the live status of the flight by which they are going to travel. 

Starting asking from the airport staff, the passenger can further go to check the online tracking of the flight by several tools. With the help of these tools, the passengers are able to determine why their flight is delayed. One of the famous tools is flight view. The tool will make the passengers eligible to track the route as well as the status of the flight from which the passenger is going to travel. 

Compensation to the passenger for the flight delay

It doesn’t matter what was the reason for the delay in the flight. It makes the passenger frustrated and puts the journey of the passenger on hold. So to turn the bad experience into a positive thing, the passengers are given compensation by the airlines they were supposed to travel in case they don’t travel by that airline. The passenger can even ask for a flight delay certificate as proof. Also, the airlines provide compensation to the passengers whose flights are delayed for some of the other reasons. 


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