The airports are considered the busiest in terms of air traffic. As in the modern era, the number of airlines, as well as aircraft, are increasing day by day. Airports all around the world are getting busier and busier day by day because of high demand. In this blog, we will discuss the busiest airports in the world. 

  • Jackson Atlanta international airport (Georgia) 

The Jackson Atlanta airport is the public international airport that is located 11 km south of Downtown Atlanta. It is the busiest airport with 152 gates for domestic travel and 40 gates for the people who are international travelers. This airport is a Delta Airlines hub that serves almost 1000 flights a day. Also, this airport hosts more than 107 million passengers. 

  • Beijing capital international airport 

Beijing capital international airport is the main airport in China which handles so many international and domestic flights. This airport also ranked in the world’s busiest airports from the past decade. Along with the passenger carried, this airport is also the busiest airport by cargo traffic as it is registering 1,787,027 tons. This airport received almost 101 million passengers last year, making it the busiest airport. 

  • Dubai international airport

Dubai international airport is a very huge airport and it the primary airport in Dubai which is handling international flights. Also, this airport is the sixth busiest airport in terms of cargo services. Dubai International airport also has the largest solar energy system among the region’s airports. Dubai international is the import airport that has a big contribution to the economy of Dubai as it contributes around 26.7 billion dollars to the economy. 

  • Los Angeles international airport

It is the main airport in LA and it serves so many people coming from all around the world. This airport has 4 parallel runways. This airport served 88,068,013 passengers making it the busiest airport. Also, LA airport is the connecting point for passengers who are traveling to international destinations. When it comes to ranking this airport comes to 4th in the list.

  • Tokyo’s Haneda Airport (Japan)

The other name for Haneda airport is Tokyo international airport. This airport is serving scheduled as well as chartered flights. Also, the government of Japan uses this airport for business and premium routes. This airport is able to serve almost 90 million passengers in a year, making it the fifth busiest airport in the world. 


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