Emirates airline is a well-known airline in the aviation industry. This airline has served globally from the past several years. Along with providing the premium amenities to the passengers, this airline is providing unaccompanied minor service. Under this service, the airline allows the children to travel with Emirates airlines with any legal guardian or parents. The children are free to travel to any destination alone. Emirate airlines provide the following services under this scheme.

  • The parent can inform about the food that the child wants to have during their travel with Emirates airlines. Even the Emirates airlines arrange a cake for the child if in case the child is travelling on their birth date. 
  • The Emirate airlines accompanied the child with full care along with their dedicated staff. All the formalities related to the baggage and check-in are done before the other passengers. So the parents are required to leave the child at the airport 2 hours prior to the flight departure time. 
  • Cabin crew or the other staff members will make sure that the child has taken their seat and is sitting comfortably without any hassle.
  • Also, the cabin crew or the staff member can click the picture of the child on the aircraft and can send it to the parents or the legal guidelines of the child who is travelling unaccompanied. 
  • At the arrival, the dedicated staff will do all the formalities before handing the child over to the designated guardian. 

What age qualifications are required for unaccompanied minors?

Emirates airlines do not allow the children below 5 years to travel as unaccompanied. The children with the age of 5 to 12 years are allowed to travel alone without any legal guardian. The children between the age of 12 to 16 are also allowed to travel as an unaccompanied minor on special request of the parents. 

For more queries, Emirates Airlines reservations number where you can get assistance by the travelling executives and can get the required information related to the unaccompanied minor travel.  


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