The United States has a lot of air traffic in the world. The country has the top airlines that are providing discounts to persons who are offering their services for the safety of the nation. These persons include army, navy, marine corps air force and national guards. The discounts are available for the person related to the military as well as their family members. 

There are USA airlines that offer military discounts on flights:-

Delta airlines:  Delta is the largest airline that is serving the military men in their air tickets by providing them discounts. The discounts provided are fixed by the airlines but are available on government desks from where the military passengers can make their Delta airline reservations. 

Jet blue airways: Jetblue airways is the airline that is providing around 5 percent of discount to the passenger along with two bags free for the military passenger. Just log in to Jet blue official website to know much more about discounts for the military men. 

Southwest airlines: The passengers who are military members, as well as the dependents of the military personnel, are eligible for the Southwest airlines discounts. Some of the discounts are the passengers can use their award points, the passengers need not to pay an extra amount for their luggage that they are taking to their travel. You can call the Southwest airlines reservations number for more information.`

Alaska airlines: The passengers who are military men are provided with a lot of amenities and honor if they are traveling with the Alaska airlines. This airline provides a 10-5 percent discount to the military personnel, also the passengers are eligible to carry up to 5 bags with them. 

Hawaiian airline: Are you a military passenger and want to travel with Hawaiian airlines? Then yes, you can but you need to know the policies before making your reservations. The airline gives a 5 percent discount along with free baggage to the military passenger. If a passenger wants to take extra luggage, then they have to pay for it. 

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